Luciana Vega-GOTY 2018

Luciana Vega-GOTY 2018

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been super busy and I’ve also been super lazy, but now I’m back and I have something to blog about! So yesterday was a special day for my religion, and some of you might be familiar with it, but anyway, a lot happened. I went to the park, and my family that lives far came to visit, but the most surprising thing was that I got an American Girl doll as a gift! I still can’t believe it, and the main reason it happened was because of my older sister!! She actually had been searching for a long time on Ebay to find the perfect brand new Luciana, so my sister and mom had her for two weeks and the doll had came right in front of my face. It’s crazy how you can piece together hints AFTER the answer is revealed.. Any-who, thank you to my mom, my grandma, and my sister’s grandma (and obviously my sister.). I’m going to review her for you guys and be straight about her, just so that you guys aren’t disappointed with her. Okay so, Luciana has the Josefina face mold. She has medium skin, light brown eyes, -almost like Tenney if I’m not mistaken- and a light rose-y red color on her lips. She does NOT have a super thick or long wig, because it goes a little past half of her upper arm, and she has bangs. Her bangs are pretty long, and I’d recommend using a tooth brush to smooth them. Her bangs go a little past her nose. Her hair is visibly brown and her purple streak is not big, so keep that in mind! For her outfit, she has a galaxy themed dress that goes a little above her knees. She is a newer model so she has a zip-tie, and the new eyes which are down cast and her limbs are squishier than the older models of dolls. Don’t worry, it’s not squishy like My Life As is. She has a red fanny pack, holographic silver boots, and a choker and necklace. Overall I rate her 5 stars because she is super cute! I hope this helped! Byee!



Hey guys!! So, as you know, once upon a time, I flat ironed my custom doll Demi’s hair. It turned out fine, it healed her split ends, it made her hair silky! Long story, short, it made her hair perfect. Or so I thought. So today, I decided….to curl her hair!! And guess what!!? It turned out….AMAZING!

This is a before picture:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190202_121845.jpg

And an After picture!


And this is from the back:

Honestly all she needs is a nice dress and she’ll be stunning! Well until next time guys!! (By the way, her wig is heat safe =)!)

I Did Something Crazy…

I Did Something Crazy…

Okay, so right now, my custom AG doll, Demitra is the only AG doll I have. And like I said before, I messed up her wig big time. It was all frizzy and sad looking =(. And uneven but I can’t change that now… Anyhow! I decided, I need to make sure the only AG doll I had was looking at least half good so….I flat ironed her hair. I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY BUT TRUST ME IT WAS WORTH IT! This is before:

~shudder~ Adorable but them ends…hmph. And this is after!!

So her hair will forever be uneven because if I make it even it will be waayy too short, but her hair got super silky and straight!!! I’m so happy!! Tell me what you think of the transformation in the comments!

My Thoughts On GOTY 2019: Blaire Wilson

My Thoughts On GOTY 2019: Blaire Wilson

Hello people! I did a post before on Blaire, but until I read other people’s posts on her, I realized I didn’t put as much effort into reviewing her, so here we go!! Here is Blaire Wilson herself:

Related image

All in all, Blaire is a really cute doll! She has red hair, green eyes, light skin, and the Josefina face mold. She’s wearing a yellow tie on her wrist, and a white sleeveless dress with a bow on the front and bee’s and beehives covering her dress. She’s also wearing sandals with sandy color soles, and purple straps. I really like the way she looks but, she looks way too much like three dolls~ TM#61, Saige Copeland, and Felicity Merriman.

Image result for Blaire Wilson and Rebecca side by side

I found this picture from a side by side comparison video, so I don’t know if the person has had Rebecca for a while, because that could explain the color of her skin, but I’m not sure. Anyway, a lot of people say that Blaire looks an awful lot like Rebecca, but in my opinion, she doesn’t really… They have different eye colors, different hair color and length, and the curls seem a little different, plus the skin color of Rebecca is more olive. But her skin color and curl type could’ve been altered by time because those kind of changes can happen. Besides, the combination of red hair and green eyes is getting sort of played out… Personality/backstory wise, she’s a little boring to me.. She lives on a farm, and she enjoys picking her produce and cooking it. However, there has been a similar back story when it comes to cooking, and the doll it comes with is Grace Thomas. However, I feel like Grace’s love of baking and how she really liked Paris sparked my interest a lot more. Moving on to her collection…

Image for Blaire's Accessories from American Girl

Wow, I haven’t even investigated it before now, but I actually really like it! The color theme is so pretty. These are her accessories. They sell for $30 dollars. There’s a little clip board thats salmon pink and white, which has a guest list on it, probably for the wedding she’s going to help prepare, along with a small printed pencil. (yes shes going to help prepare a wedding but we’ll get to that later.) She also has a lot of creative looking stickers that have quotes on them, and if you want, you could put some on the back of her clipboard or tablet! The piece that I really like though is her tablet, which also has another background you can add in. The tablet is salmon pink I think, with white buttons. One background thats already in, looks like she’s searching flower pictures on Pinterest or something, and the other one looks like a home page with a lamb as the background picture. The last piece of her collection is a tan and salmon pink bag (tan, white, and salmon pink is obviously the theme of her accesories) with a small picture and a purple flower tucked in. The bag has a flower logo on the front with the words “home grown” across the bottom. I really like her accessories from the look of them. Quality wise, I don’t really know because I don’t have them, but if I ever got a doll and their collection, I would make sure to tell my blog all about it. This next part is called Blaire’s Family Farm Restaurant…

This piece is called “Blaire’s Family Farm Restaurant.” It sells for $300 dollars, and it is a very big part of her collection (probably the biggest piece). I don’t know if I will be able to capture all the details here, but I can try. This piece has a lot of little parts. The overall thing is the restaurant. The restaurant has a open section for eating, with two green benches sitting at a tall table. Then right beyond the table are two windows that your dolls can walk up to and order their food from, and on the right side, it looks like a drive through window. Beyond the windows, there is a small kitchen that includes cabinets, a faucet, an oven, and a stove.

Since the large part of the set only consists of that, I can move on to smaller parts. There is a small shelf that looks like its the trolley that the waitress pushes around to serve the food. Onto the small pieces!!

These are all the accessories in the set! In my opinion, its a lot. So there are 4 big plates, two of them are pink and two are blue, and three small bronze plates. There are also 4 assorted place mats, 4 cups, two of them pink and two of them yellow, as well as 4 forks 4 knives, a sugar and flour canister, a cheese grater, a salt and pepper shaker, olive oil, a pot, a butcher’s knife, a sauce pan, a vase for flowers, and a special soup spoon. For decorations, there are two yellow string lights, and an assortment of stickers. Moving on to wonderful food! I know I’m gonna get hungry when I write this, but oh well. There is a carton of 6 eggs, a salmon fillet, freshly made cornbread, a wedge of cheese for the grater, fettuccini noodles, a pitcher of lemonade, a bowl of ice cream, some nicely baked bruschetta, a slice of lemon cake, a bowl of stacked Caesar salad…I think I got it all, but if I didn’t, I can’t keep going. I’m too hungry! Moving on to all her outfits.

Image for Blaire's In Bloom PJs from American Girl

These are Blaire’s pajamas. They’re cute I guess. She’s wearing purple fuzzy slippers with gray pom poms on the front. She also has on white…shorts? I dont know what they are.. but their nice. They have different colorful flowers all over them, and lastly, she’s wearing a purple shirt that says “let your mind bloom.” The shirt also has ruffled sleeves.

Image for Blaire's Floral Flair Outfit from American Girl

This outfit is called her flair outfit. To be honest, its not very nice. I don’t know why, but the way her cloth chest is so exposed bothers me. It just looks really weird! Anyway, her shirt is sort of long and its pink and purple with two purple bows down the middle and a couple of buttons. She’s wearing purple leggings and sandals that almost look the color of her skin but I guess their okay.

Image for Blaire's Bridesmaid Dress from American Girl

This is the bridesmaid dress. I think its pretty, but not what I would’ve wanted. Its a high low dress and its baby blue with floral print all over it. The sleeves are see through and she has baby pink shoes on. She also has a headband with a flower on it. I think its cute like I said before, but not the best. I personally would’ve preferred the dress to be down to her feet, and with a little less poof. Maybe a couple more layers…but thats not Blaire’s style so yeah.

Image for Blaire's Gardening Outfit from American Girl

This is Blaire’s Gardening Outfit! OH MY GOSH!! Aside from the doll and her accessories, its the best part ever! Its so cute! The overalls on the shirt is just so pretty! And those pigtails, she is rocking them! The boots are adorable too even though they look big and clunky. I love how it gives the outfit even more character. Well, thats all for Blaire Wilson! I hope this is better review then before.

Top 5 AG Dolls I Want To Get

Top 5 AG Dolls I Want To Get

Yes I literally just posted today but ignore that… Anyways, I just got back from viewing someone else’s AG blog, and she did a post on AG dolls with the Josefina mold that she wanted to add to her collection! (I hope this isn’t considered copying, please don’t hurt me.) So I thought, what a magnificent idea! So let’s get into it! Number 5, meaning the bottom on my list is…… Nanea Mitchell!

Image result for nanea mitchell

Nanea has wavy, kind of long black hair with brown highlights and hazel green eyes, along with a sailor inspired outfit and a hibiscus flower clipped in her hair. She has a really nice skin complexion and from reading reviews and watching videos, I have reason to believe that her hair is soft. But she is in the bottom of my list because she doesn’t strike me like all the other dolls to be on this list do. Plus, when you read her books and description, you can see that American Girl didn’t revise on the history of Pearl Harbor enough… Anyway, time to move on to the forth doll, and it will be…. TM#67!

Image result for truly me 67

TM#67 is a beautiful doll! With the Sonali mold, one of my personal favorites, she has long curly hair and a skin complexion quite similar to my own. But the reason she’s this low on my list is because of her hair. A lot videos I’ve watched on her continuously say “Don’t be intimidated by TM#67’s hair.” And to be completely honest, I’m not! But I had Gabriella Mcbride, and I didn’t really deal with her hair like I should’ve. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I always kept her curls nice and fresh, however, it consumed my time, and I wanted her to look good without me having to spend hours re-curling her high-maintenance hair… So I invested in getting a replacement wig! Once I got it, I applied it on her head, and I’d already removed the wig which had been damaged, so I couldn’t put it back on. The new wig satisfied me for a while, until the ends of it started to frizz and I grew unhappy with the colors. I trimmed off the frizzy hair, but it came back, and now I wish I’d never changed her wig. The point is, I could’ve handled her hair, but in me being so hasty for it to always look nice, I made a decision I now regret. So if I got TM#67, it would be after I had one or 2 dolls in between my tragic experience with Demitra (my doll’s name). That way, I’d know I was absolutely prepared to dedicate all my life to primping her coils. (I’m laughing while I write this!) Here’s a picture of her:

And I still love her, but she saddens me so much.. Okay lets move on. The third doll on my list shall be…. Addy Walker!

Image result for addy walker

Addy Walker is an extremely amazing doll. With her slave back story, her beautiful brown skin, and her thick textured hair, she is a wonderful doll to get. The only reason she’s not number two or one, is because I know she will always be around, and her hair slightly intimidates me. Plus, I have all dark skin dolls right now, and I want some diversity! Number two on my list is… Maryellen Larkin!

Image result for Maryellen Larkin

The reason why she is number two on my list, is because she is also a wonderful doll. She has very pretty soft strawberry blonde hair, hazel green eyes, and light skin. Her meet outfit is pretty cute, with the small shrug, and a striped poofy dress with black shoes. This is a doll that me AND my older sister really like, so I would definitely buy her as one of those dolls in between Demitra and TM#67. And number one is…. Luciana Vega!

Image result for luciana vega

Luciana is my number one, because she is sooo cute!! Just look at that face and that purple streak and that EVERYTHING! Also, since she is GOTY 2018, she might not be around very long. Also, when I first was thinking about buying my first ever AG doll, it was last year, when Luciana was Girl Of The Year. My goal was to buy her, but since I knew my parents would be happier if I got an African American doll, but now that I have Demi (Demitra), and I know that they keep telling me its my choice, I think I’m saving for Luci! Well, thats it for this post, hope you all enjoyed!! Bye!

Whats Up?

Whats Up?

I know this is very different from my regular posts, but I feel like I’ll have more content if I talk about me instead of things. So why not share things that I dont particularly applaud myself for? Simple. Okay, so I’ve always wondered what it would be like to get older and look down at old memories, but since I’m always making weird memories, I can do that before I become old and wrinkly! Yasss. Anyways, I always seem to embarrass myself in some way, whether it’s singing when my sister is snap chatting, or just being plain non-social. I remember that not too long ago, I was with my friends, who happen to be friends with someone who I find extremely intimidating! So I was following them around, and they went over to their intimidating friend, and I freaked out. So I turned around, pretended to look at something else, and ran off., The thing is, I know they noticed how awkward I was acting and I embarrass myself with how awkward I’m acting and I’d like to stop… SO WHY CAN I NOT BE SOCIAL!?!? I need some serious help. Please help me in the comments. Bye!!